Threatened and Endangered Species Studies

Endangered Species

Wood Turtle

Knowledge of protected species and their potential to be located on a project site is critical to project development and execution.  Identifying these issues early in the planning stages of a project can help avoid costly construction delays, plan revisions, or time of year restrictions.

Additionally, TNT staff has experience monitoring nesting Bald Eagles.  The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service requires that nesting Bald Eagles be observed by a Qualified Monitor during the nesting season (December 1 through August 1) when construction is taking place near an active nest.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

TNT’s Certified Ecologists have a wide variety of expertise in habitat assessment and evaluation to serve a multitude of project needs.  Utilizing procedures and methodologies accepted by industry professionals and research institutions, TNT is able to assess the impact of a given project on the ecosystem.  TNT has experience conducting habitat assessments for threatened and endangered plants and animals, forest habitat assessments, and small mammal surveys and inventories.

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