Chesapeake Bay Area Studies

Resource Protection Area Mapping & Assessment

TNT’s staff is intimately familiar with local government policies and procedures for establishing the boundaries of Resource Protection Areas in accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance (CBPO).  TNT’s familiarity with stream assessment protocols and County regulations enable a quick determination of the limits and extents of these features.

Water Quality Impact Assessments (WQIA)

TNT staff has prepared and obtained approval for countless Water Quality Impact Assessments in general accordance with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance (CBPO) in Fairfax County, Arlington County, the City of Alexandria, and Stafford County, to name a few.  Each WQIA is specifically geared towards the goals and objectives for each project.  A kick-off meeting is routinely held with project personnel to evaluate the proposed development plan and best management practices employed by the design team.

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